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First-Class Dental Implants, Assured to Enhance Your Smile

We provide reasonably priced tooth implant services in Sydney, introducing a reliable answer for gaps due to missing teeth. Our highly respected professionals employ top-quality titanium dental implants to establish a robust base by securely lodging the screw into the jawbone.

Utilising up-to-date technology and techniques, our competent team undertakes dental implant treatment. A wide array of tooth implants is accessible for your choice. Once these are firmly put in place, a prosthetic tooth is fixed to the implant, flawlessly occupying the gap and mirroring natural teeth.

For economical and efficient dental implant treatment, have faith in our cohort of skilled dental experts.


Imagine the dazzling radiance of your smile, post your dental implant procedure.

Same-Day Dental Implants

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The inception of the patient’s treatment involved a comprehensive assessment, followed by a detailed strategy for a same-day dental implant procedure. This approach is well-suited for individuals having adequate jawbone and desiring immediate results.

The success of this procedure hinged on the swift insertion of dental implants, along with the same-day affixing of the prosthetic tooth. This application of advanced dental implant technology resulted in a sturdy foundation, swiftly giving back the patient’s ability to eat and flash a self-assured smile, closely resembling their original teeth.

Endosteal Dental Implants

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Before and After


The patient’s journey began with an extensive examination, followed by strategic planning for an endosteal dental implant procedure. This technique is perfect for those who have sufficient healthy jawbones and wish to avoid using dental bridges.

This process necessitated the careful insertion of implants directly into the patient’s jawbone. After healing, additional surgery was performed to connect a post to the original implant, and finally, an artificial tooth was attached. This intricate dental implants procedure rejuvenated the patient’s lost smile, closely mimicking the aesthetics of natural teeth.

Zygomatic Dental Implants

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Before and After


The patient’s treatment began with a rigorous assessment, followed by methodical planning for a zygomatic dental implant procedure. This method is tailored for patients with severe bone loss in the upper jaw, which poses a unique challenge.

The efficacy of this treatment depended on the accurate placement of longer dental implants into the patient’s cheekbone (zygoma). Thanks to digital dental implants technology, a patient who was not a candidate for standard implants could receive a fixed, full-arch restoration. This groundbreaking dental implant solution resurrected the patient’s ability to chew, restoring the appearance of multiple teeth and instilling renewed self-confidence.

Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


Pre-Surgical Comfort

Before undergoing dental implant surgery, many patients may experience a degree of apprehension or anxiety. However, it’s important to understand that dentists take every possible step to ensure their patients are comfortable and well-informed before the procedure. This includes a comprehensive consultation where the dentist will explain the treatment in detail, answer any questions, and discuss what to expect during and after the surgery. Many dental practices also offer a calming environment, with soothing music or comfortable chairs, to help patients relax.

Surgical Comfort

During the dental implant surgery itself, patient comfort is a top priority. The treatment is performed under local anaesthetic, which effectively numbs the area and significantly minimises discomfort. The patient may feel pressure or vibrations during the process, but it is typically free of pain. The latest techniques and technology in implant dentistry have also greatly improved the precision and efficiency of the procedure, reducing the overall time spent in the dentist’s chair.

Post-Surgical Comfort

Post the surgery, it is normal to experience some swelling, bruising, and minor discomfort as the anaesthetic wears off. However, this can be easily managed with over-the-counter pain relievers, as directed by the dentist. Ice packs can also be applied to the face to help reduce swelling. After a few days, any discomfort should subside.

Moreover, most patients find that the temporary discomfort post-surgery is far outweighed by the benefits of dental implants. Dental implants appear, feel, and function like natural teeth, allowing patients to eat, speak, and smile with confidence. This level of comfort and functionality, combined with their durability and longevity, makes dental implants an excellent choice for replacing missing teeth.

Remember, open communication with your dentist before, during, and after the procedure can ensure that your comfort levels are maximised and any concerns are promptly addressed.


The first few days post dental implant surgery is a time to prioritise soft, easily consumable foods. Smoothies can be a fantastic option as they are not only gentle on your mouth but can also be packed with vital nutrients to aid in your recovery. Incorporating elements such as yoghurt, soft fruits like bananas or peaches, and protein powders can provide a wholesome, balanced meal replacement. Remember to avoid using a straw, as the suction could interfere with your healing process.

Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are another soft food that’s perfect for after dental implant surgery. They are a decent source of protein, which is essential for wound healing and recovery. Additionally, they provide essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B12 and selenium. Plus, scrambled eggs are easy to make and can be seasoned according to your taste preferences, making them a versatile meal option during your recovery period.

Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are comfort food that is perfect for the period following your dental implant surgery. They’re not only soft and easy to chew but also filled with beneficial nutrients, including potassium and vitamin C, which can aid in recovery. Make sure your mashed potatoes are well pureed, and avoid large chunks that may require more extensive chewing.


Yoghurt, particularly Greek yoghurt, is a wonderful post-surgery food due to its high protein content. With its easily consumable smooth texture, this food choice becomes convenient during meals. Additionally, its inclusion of probiotics provides advantageous effects on your gut health.

Yoghurt can be paired with soft fruits or honey to add some variety to your diet while you recover.


After dental implant surgery, avocados can be a valuable inclusion in your post-operative diet. With their abundance of healthy fats and vitamin K, these nutrient-rich fruits offer a soft and creamy texture that is gentle on your healing mouth. Avocados can be used in several ways – mashed up as a spread on soft bread, whipped into guacamole, or simply eaten with a spoon.


When you feel ready to reintroduce meat into your diet, fish is a great option due to its tender texture. Fish like salmon or tuna are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to support the body’s natural healing process. Cooking the fish until it is soft and easy to flake will help to ensure that it is gentle on your mouth and easy to consume.

Choosing the right foods after dental implant surgery can significantly aid your healing process and ensure a quicker, more comfortable recovery. Always remember to follow the dietary advice given by your dentist.

Dental Implant Material

The first significant component that influences the dental implant cost is the material used. Dental implants are commonly made from high-quality titanium because of its biocompatibility and durability. However, other materials, such as zirconia, are becoming increasingly popular, particularly for patients who require a metal-free solution. These materials can vary in price, and this will reflect in the overall cost of the procedure. Additionally, the type of implant used, whether it be endosteal or subperiosteal, can also impact the total cost.

State of the Adjacent Teeth and Gum Health

The condition of the patient’s adjacent teeth and gum health plays a vital role in determining the cost of dental implants. If the surrounding teeth are unhealthy or if the patient has periodontal disease, extra dental treatments may be required prior to the dental implant procedure. These could include periodontal treatments, root canals, or extractions, which would add to the total expense. Maintaining healthy teeth and gums through regular check-ups and cleaning can help mitigate these additional costs.

Need for Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is often necessary when a patient lacks the adequate jawbone density required to support dental implants. This situation can arise due to a variety of reasons, such as long-term tooth loss or periodontal disease. The process of bone grafting involves adding bone or bone-like material to the deficient area to create a more stable base for the implant. This procedure, while essential for some patients, can significantly add to the total cost of dental implants.

Dentist’s Expertise and Geographical Location

The expertise and reputation of the dentist, as well as the location of the dental practice, can greatly influence the cost of dental implants. Dentists with experience in implant dentistry may charge more for their services. However, this extra cost is often associated with higher success rates and a lower chance of complications. Additionally, the geographical location of the practice plays a part in determining the cost. Dental procedures in metropolitan areas, where the cost of living is higher, can be more expensive than in rural areas.

Considering the significant impact these factors have on the cost of dental implants in Sydney, it is crucial to recognise that they represent a valuable long-term investment in your oral health. Engaging in a thorough discussion with a dental professional will equip you with the knowledge needed to comprehend these costs fully and make informed decisions about your oral care.


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